L190 Sealer is an invisible, penetrating sealer which forms an invisible water repellent coating. Applied on marble, brick, limestone and mortar joints, it will seal the surface reducing staining and water absorption. It will not change the color of the stone and ceramic tile.

Areas of Application:- Residential & commercial, ideal for soft and natural marble and porous tiles. Mostly used for back coat for all kind of natural and artificial stones.


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Surface Preparation: The surface to be sealed must be clean and dry. Surface temperature should be between 45°-85°F (7-30° C). Allow cements, stucco and mortars to cure 24 hours before applying sealer. Test on a small unobtrusive area before coating entire surface.

Application: Apply the sealer with a sponge, brush or sprayer. Allow to penetrate 5 to 10 minutes. Wipe Off excess sealers. Allow L190 Sealer to cure for 24 hours. One application is sufficient for most installations.

NOTE: Excess material should be wiped from the surface of marble, granite, glazed tile or rock when applied on horizontal surfaces. A white residue may occur if excess material is allowed to dry on a polished surface.

Cleaning: L190 Sealer cleans easily with fresh water immediately after use. Do not allow dried residue remain on polished surface, glass or aluminum.


• Marble
• Brick,
• Limestone
• Granite
• Sand Stone
• Cement grout surface


1 Liter covers approximately 75 – 100 sft depending on the porosity of the surface. 

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